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We help our clients purchase the right kind of life insurance at the best possible price. We deliver exceptional service and build lasting relationships, so we can be valued advisors to our clients.

About Jerry

Jerry Eastman is a life insurance specialist serving high income and high net worth individuals across the country.

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Advisor vs. Salesman

Delivering the best possible insurance value to our clients is our #1 priority.

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Refer a friend or family member or contact Mr. Eastman to advise you on what product will best meet your needs.

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What you need to know about insurance

Broad Market Exposure

To deliver optimal value, your advisor must have access to the marketplace. Would you expect a professional golfer to win a tournament, if he only had a few clubs in his bag?
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Product Choices

There is a significant difference in the structure, flexibility and many times the cost of the life insurance products you can utilize to meet your needs. 
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Tax Advantages of Life Insurance

Life insurance has special tax advantages that can be utilized to create extraordinary results.

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