Advisor vs. Salesman

As a result of representing many of the most sought after clients across the country, I have competed against some of the best salesmen in the insurance industry. I have great admiration for their sales skills and their ability to sell “ice cubes to Eskimos”, but that is clearly not my forte.  The driving force behind my practice is a sincere desire to deliver the best possible insurance value to each of my clients.

People don’t intentionally buy high-cost life insurance. The problem people have when they purchase life insurance is getting the information they need to be able to make a good business decision.  Most people depend upon their insurance agent to provide them with information, but many agents are motivated to sell what gives them the highest commission.  Other agents work for an insurance company, and when they tell you the product they are selling is the best, it may be the best for that company, but in comparison to the leading, competitive products in the marketplace, it may be mediocre at best.  A lot of agents don’t have the market exposure and product knowledge to be able to identify the best solution for one’s insurance needs, so it’s no wonder that many people spend more for their life insurance than they should.

When I show my clients the insurance solutions to meet their needs, I identify the best product and pricing for each solution.  I explain the advantages and the disadvantages of each approach.  I arm my clients with the information they need to be able to make a simple business decision.  My clients purchase what best meets their needs, and they receive exceptional insurance value.  I want to be my clients’ long term advisor, not just the salesman that sold them their last policy.