Testimonials / What clients have to say

In my law practice and behalf of clients, I have had numerous occasions to work with Jerry. In such activity, I have found him to be smart, creative, diligent and dogged with attempting to satisfy the client’s needs. When a particular problem requires something “other than insurance,” Jerry is the first one to suggest it, even at the expense of his own compensation. Jerry is not a “mere insurance salesman”, but rather a true estate planning professional in the best sense of that phrase.

- Clive Bode (Attorney/Hedge Fund Manager/Business Advisor)

Jerry has handled my family’s insurance planning for over 20 years. He is the most knowledgeable, diligent, thorough and creative insurance professional I know. Coupled with his integrity and devotion to serve his clients, one can be confident that his counsel is founded solely on their future. I highly and unequivocally recommend Jerry to anyone who wants to purchase life insurance or who would want a worthy second opinion on their existing insurance policies.

- Dan Settle, Jr. (Attorney)

Jerry Eastman is a highly trained professional insurance analyst who works with the best companies to provide the perfect solution to accomplish your insurance and estate planning needs. Jerry is not going to “sell” you a product. With his extensive analytical training and experience working with high net worth individuals, Jerry analyzes your needs and solves the problems a client brings to him. How do I know this? He did it for me and my family. While working with our estate planning attorneys, the ideas and solutions that Jerry helped us implement since 1994 have worked out perfectly. I recommend Jerry Eastman with complete confidence.

- Frank P. Ganucheau, III (Portfolio Manager/Business Owner)

Jerry is a trusted business advisor. As a Bank President, I have had the occasion to meet many insurance agents and I had no doubts choosing Jerry to handle my family’s life insurance planning needs. I have also referred Jerry to many friends and business associates, because each time I do, I know that person is going to receive the best insurance help available.

- Bob J. Bryant (Banker / Financial Consultant)

For more than 25 years, Jerry Eastman has consistently provided insurance and advice from which we continue to benefit. His experience, ethical character, and commitment to stay at the forefront of the insurance industry have allowed him to offer advice and unique products that are not only current but well suited to meet my and my family’s personal financial needs.

- Dan E. Bruhl, M.D. (Physician/Businessman/Investor)

Jerry is my personal insurance advisor and he has worked with many of our firm’s corporate and estate planning clients. Working with Jerry is always a positive experience. He is professional and astute, and his service is outstanding. He is at the top of his profession.

- Kenneth L. Wenzel (Attorney)

For the last 20 years, Jerry has created intelligent, understandable plans for my family and me, as well as my business. He is a trusted partner and creative problem solver with unsurpassed product knowledge and service. I trust him implicitly and recommend him to anyone searching for insurance related products.

- Rory P. Connor (Portfolio Manager/Business Owner)

Jerry came highly recommended to me by our family’s tax and estate attorney in 2003 when we were updating our estate planning. We needed some rather large policies and Jerry was able to obtain insurance for my elderly mother at half the cost of what I had been quoted elsewhere. Since then, Jerry has worked with me on my company’s as well as my personal insurance needs, and I am very pleased with everything Jerry has done for me. Besides being a trusted and competent broker, I consider Jerry a friend.

- Janice E. Bandy (Business Owner)

Being a business owner, I am bombarded with many types of insurance, wealth management and asset protection solicitations. I have been fortunate to received wise counsel from Jerry. His communication skills and knowledge of insurance products that best suit his client’s needs are unsurpassed. Jerry’s insurance planning, tax savings and estate planning services for my family now span three generations.

After many years of service, I confidently entrust Jerry with all our insurance needs and am pleased that he is an integral part of my family’s future.

- Michael D. Stanley (Business Owner)

I have enjoyed working with Jerry for 25 years on the utilization of life insurance as part of our overall estate planning. Jerry’s keen insight into insurance and the appropriate structure and composition of insurance trusts emanates from his breadth of knowledge of the insurance industry as well as his background as an attorney working in estate planning matters. The combination allows him to be eminently qualified in the application of insurance in estate planning. In addition, his manner is that of a seasoned professional; he is a good listener, and his clients are his utmost concern.

- Mark L. Johnson (Portfolio Manager)

Jerry is the consummate professional in the life insurance industry. As the owner of a large employee benefit company and being an insurance broker myself, the fact that I turn to Jerry for my family and business life insurance coverage is the ultimate testimony. Jerry is always on the cutting-edge of new products and regulations. I highly recommend Jerry to anyone wanting to purchase life insurance or review their existing life insurance plans.

- Mouzon Bass, III (Business Owner/Insurance Broker)